Monday, February 18, 2008

We've been busy to say the least!

Hope this works. Yes we're still alive. And we've been extremely busy. Dad recently put a new sink in the laundry room, with all the hoses, faucets, and valves. Hey it turned out pretty good. (and it even works) Dad also replaced all the faucets and the shut off valves in both bathrooms. He also replaced all the fixtures in the guest shower and tub. Now I couldn't have done this without Mom's help. We also removed a large dead tree in the front yard. We've cleared alot of trees in the forrest to expand our hay ride. (unhay ride). Friday we had two families from England stay with us. It has been a real treat getting to know them. There are 4 adults and 5 children. The adults are about 27 to 30 years old. Children are 4 months to 8 years. They have been jolly fun. It really makes us miss our own children and grandchildren. We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with our sweet families. We can't wait tell this summer. We would like to have our reunion July 23rd through the 29th. This works best for Ryan and Lacey and family. This year will be SUMMER FUN AT GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS. (WITH LOTS OF SUN) More details to come. Hey we forgot to tell you we took out the doughboy pool. We now have a very large hole in our back yard. We have some fun stuff planed for it. Stay tuned. Seany recently got transfered to Vila Brasilia Goiania. Only his 2nd area. He has a companion from Texas. We'll try to post some recent pictures but first things first. We love ya all, talk to you later.