Friday, July 6, 2007

It takes time to create!

Thank you so much for helping us with this new experience. This is going to be fun. It will encourage me to be better on the computer.(I won't have to do much to do better) Be patient with us, it takes time to create. Now for words of wisdom- We are preparing to teach the plan of salvation . In a talk given by President Boyd K. Packer ,talking about our second estate he said "If you expect to find only ease and peace and bliss during act 2, you surely will be frustrated. You will understand little of what is going on and why things are permitted to be as they are.Until you have a broad perspective of the eternal nature of this great drama, you won't make much sense out of inequities in life. Some are born with so little and others with so much. Some are born in poverty,with handicaps,with pain, with suffering. Some experience premature death,even innocent children.( here comes the best part) DO NOT SUPPOSE THAT GOD WILLFULLY CAUSES THAT WHICH, FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES,HE PERMITS.When you know the plan and purpose of it all,even these things will manifest a loving Father in Heaven" I know this is true!!! I love you,Mom

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lacey said...

Thanks for sharing... we are going to love reading your thoughts on things you study and teach.
we love you too.